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Since 1985, DA&R’s senior consultants have provided expert guidance and interim management and executive roles in organizations like yours all over the world... We create elegant solutions to leverage our clients’ opportunities for growth and improvement. We will collaborate with your staff to directly and efficiently address your pressing issues and solve your complex problems.

Let DA&R’s Project Management, PMO, Turnaround Management, Interim COO/CIO/VP/Director, Staffing, Training and Business Analysis Consulting Services complete your projects or improve your operations processes. Request a quote or contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

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You have a problem to solve or an opportunity to harness! WE’RE PACKED - we can have one or more consultants on your site usually in 24-72 hours. Almost all engagements can be done with a blend of onsite and virtual consultants to save you travel and other hassles. Initial face-to-face meetings are standard, then we apply the right blend of onsite and virtual (people using remote technology) on an hourly, daily, retainer, or deliverable fixed fee basis. We don't have a 'bench' so we can use the right, and only the right, people on your engagement.

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Happy Customers

What our clients say

  • Thank you for an awesome presentation on PMO yesterday.  I was hanging on every word - especially the part on documents!  You were engaging and I liked the ...

    Sandra Jackson, PMP, CTCM Vice President of Professional Development PMI Austin Chapter

  • I took the course titled 'Data Analysis Foundation' with Darrel Raynor. The course content was extremely useful and the sessions were very engaging, enriching and insightful. Darrel is a great ...

    Chetan Associate-Lead Business Analyst Booz Allen Hamilton

  • They were such GREAT notes! In doing my feedback, I noted that I learned so much today. ... I got so much today that I feel empowered to do my job ...

    Government Business Systems Analyst

  • Really appreciate it, Darrel! You did a fantastic job with the class yesterday!

    Sr. Project Manager

    State Agency

  • The process, stories and discussion were really fun to experience.-Very good course. I learned a lot.-This was very enjoyable. I got a lot out of it and plan ...

    Milo Peterson

  • Thank you so much for sharing your vast practical industry experience in the framework provided by the concepts discussed in class. The resources that you have pointed to us (websites, ...

    Dallas area Government Sr. Analyst & PhD student

  • I attended a 10 week course Darrel taught on Program Management and how to make our Program Management Office "World Class". His fresh look at proven concepts was thought ...

    Mike Blackwell

    Program Manager Ultra ATS

  • We’ve had business analysis training in the past, nothing changed. In one week we had lasting performance improvement from your program!

    VP Financial Institution

  • We realized the first day that we were our own worst enemy. Come ready to change and you will benefit greatly from this business analysis training. We will bring Darrel ...

    Sr. Director

    Software Firm

  • Best training I have ever attended, in any subject, including college.

    PMO Director

    Government Agency

  • The PMO exercise you provided is an excellent learning tool. I've read your binder 5 times, the PMBOK 4 times, and the book you recommended 3 times. Your lectures are packed with ...

    Haydée Denis

  • Darrel was a very innovative and dedicated Director for the Austin Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Darrel and I served together for years. He was always looking for way ...


  • Darrel has been an outstanding partner for AMS. I have known Darrel for 10 years and within that time frame I have come to respect him both personally and professionally as ...

    Phil Ventresca

  • I was a student in Darrel's PM Certificate Course. Not only did I leave the class prepared to take the PMP exam, I left with a very solid foundation ...

    Lauren Fisher Allen

  • When SP3 needed a partner on a major Dell project Darrel was our 1st and only choice. Darrel brought unparalleled project management experience and technology depth backed up by amazing ...

    Doug Whatley

  • Darrel is intense! I've never met someone so organized yet so flexible. He's got great "helicopter vision" able to see the big picture as well as ...

    Ed Adams

    President & CEO, Security Innovation

  • Instead of giving instruction and sending us on our way, you helped us with starting a realistic approach that we can take back to the office and use immediately.

    Sr. Project Manager

    State government agency

  • It was my pleasure to spend two days with such a highly qualified instructor on the subject. (Project Risk Management)

    Sr. Project Manager at State government agency

  • I was at a PMI Chapter Meeting the other night and one of the speakers, Doug Whatley, mentioned your PMP course. He says he places PMs that have taken your ...

    Sharon Henry

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the training session last week. It sparked productive conversation about how to improve our Business Analysis and Project Management processes. The class attendees ...

    Team Lead

    Texas State Government

  • Thank you for the pure gold that the course was. I learned in a few days what might have taken me years to figure out on my own. And I ...

    Sonali Gurpur

  • Throughout our class I enjoyed your thoughts on how important the communication process is. I have been on projects where stakeholders were not engaged and there was a general lack ...

    Joe Brown

  • Dear Mr. Raynor, I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I wish you a happy New Year. I also wanted to thank you very much ...

    Kenneth Castro

    Build Engineer Veterans Administration

  • Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your talk at Innotech and learned a few things in the process. I especially like it when you challenge conventional wisdom.

    Senior Program Manager

  • This was an absolutely terrific program, and I’m so pleased with all that I took away from it; upon returning to my office, I immediately began implementing organizational ...

    Project Management Fundamentals Learner

    Senior Manager

  • Darrel is both personable and extremely knowledgeable. His narrative style of teaching made it possible to absorb a huge amount of information at one time, because he made theory and ...

    Project Management Best Practices Learner

    Director, Software Firm

  • We were challenged and presented with concepts that will help in analysis/modeling of our business processes.

    Business Analyst

  • Darrel is awesome - drives to practical, usable deliverables that are CAG focused. After we're done we'll have new tools we can use to standardize our modeling processes. ...

    Senior IT Analyst

  • The most valuable aspect of the training program is that some of the knowledge gained can be used immediately to significantly improve my job performance.

    Business Analyst

  • This course gave me some of the most valuable training and tools to tackle critical challenges I face in delivering projects.

    Senior Business Analyst

  • The experiences and suggestions set forth by the facilitator were absolutely exceptional, relevant, easy to follow, enjoyable and engaging. Probably the best class I have ever taken. The instructor really ...

    Senior Business Analyst

  • Their approach to BA solutions is refreshing. The organization understands from a strategic perspective that in order to accomplish enterprise-wide projects both your team members and the organization need to ...

    Senior Project Manager

  • We just got the same or better level of Agile consulting from you in this course, that we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for from others, and the advice ...

    Sr. Manager

    Multinational Investment Bank

  • This course prepared me for the next project I am assigned to. I am hoping my management will continue to assign projects to me. This course has given me the ...

    Senior Business Analyst

  • Darrel is the person to go to for a struggling project or to learn how real world project management happens. Having his backing is certain to super-charge your results on ...

    Christian Farmer

    Strategic Project Advisor

  • Worked for Darrel in late 1990s, when I was beginning my second career after IBM. He was excellent manager, supporting me in my new technical writing career. Thanks for everything, ...

    Jane Noble

    Technical writer at Systemware, Inc.

  • Darrel is the best they come in the world of Project Management and Data Analytics. I have come to know Darrel as an instructor, as well as a mentor, when ...

    Christopher Patin

    MBA, Customer Success Manager

  • Through St. Edward’s Professional Education and Data Analysis & Results’ “Project Management Certificate” program, I gained valuable “real-life” knowledge and formed networking relationships ...

    Katie Sanders

    PMP, Director of Project Management Office at FMNCA (Integrated Care Group)

  • Darrel Raynor’s Project Management class at St. Edwards was extremely beneficial to my career. As a project manager with a wide range of experience working in non-profit, advertising, ...

    Kelledy Francis

    PMP, CSM, Project Manager II at ASPCA

  • We brought Darrel in to to help us make sense during a very chaotic time of our business. We needed someone who was truely an expert in making executive level ...

    Emine Drews

    PMP, Portfolio Manager at Direct Energy

  • I truly enjoyed the Project Management course and believe this is solely because Darrel is an excellent instructor. Darrel does a great job keeping the pace smooth and the material ...

    Pat Scherer

    Product/Program Management (SaaS and DevOps)

  • I truly enjoyed the Project Management course and believe this is solely because Darrel is an excellent instructor. Darrel does a great job keeping the pace smooth and the material ...

    Stacy Bouwman

    AAMS, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

  • Darrel is an awesome project manager and colleague. His extensive knowledge of project management is bar none. I was always amazed at his expertise and professional demeanor. Darrel is always ...

    Clarissa Douthit

  • Darrel is in the business of delivering results. As the part-time Project Manager for the Bob Bullock Museum's largest project, he ensured that all goals and milestones were met ...

    Dr. Nashid Madyun

    Director of Southeastern Regional Black Archives and Research Center at FAMU

  • Darrel provides provides an exceptionally good learning experience for students (like myself) who have attended his A&IPM course at St. Edward's University. You won't be bored ...

    Chris Almond

    Cloud Solution Sales Specialist at Red Hat

  • With a personal desire to change my project/program management behaviors and enhance my leadership skills, I went in search of a learning institution that would meet my needs and ...

    Keith Pease

    Project Manager at Presidio

  • Darrel was brought on-board to take over management of a large, priority project with immediate need for daily oversight and direction. Darrel's experience with large IT implementations allowed him ...

    Gerry Rymes

    Project Manager at Infor, Inc

  • As the founding Director of The HeliOS Project, it was important to me to surround myself with like-minded and dedicated people. It wasn't easy. We spend almost every free ...

    Ken Stark

    Executive Director, Reglue

  • I have had the privelege to work directly with Darrel on a number of occasions while he created our company's project management education curriculum. Darrel is a very dynamic, ...

    Patricia Kassel

    PMP, CPLC, Principle, Kassel Enterprises

  • Darrel was a very innovative and dedicated Director for the Austin Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Darrel and I served together for years. He was always looking for way ...

    Gaylyn A. Miestchovich

    PMP, Senior IT Project Manager at Leidos

  • Darrel Raynor was recommended to me by the Executive Director at Discover Hope Fund. He assisted us in the start up phases of a new company that several colleagues and ...

    Laura Pressley, Ph.D

    Candidate, District 4, Austin City Council

  • Darrel is a can-do executive who is highly professional and quite diligent in his work ethic. He possesses exceptional strategic and analytical skills, which he smartly wields to build intelligent ...

    Nicki James

    PMP, CSPO, Products Director

  • Darrel has the business acumen that enabled the organization to move forward in a progressive and compassionate way. He has extensive experience in managing and moving people to accomplish more ...

    Sylvia McMullen

    SVP, Research Valley Partnerships

  • Darrel was great to work with and is a natural leader. Specifically at Triand Darrel led an overhaul of our sales and marketing programs which resulted in significant new revenue ...

    Nikolas White

    Financial Analyst, University of Texas at Austin

  • A cross-divisional leader who knows how to get his team's best thinking accepted and implemented, Darrel has uncommon vision to remedy acute process gaps even in the face of ...

    Bob Levy

    CEO at Virtual Cove

  • With a strong software development process background, Darrel brought valuable organization, rigor and rational thought (no pun intended) to programs influencing around 1000 engineers. All the while maintaining positive personalized relationships ...

    Jon Sanders

    Director, Personalization Research and Engineering, Netflix

  • I know Darrel through his participation in the local Austin Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapter and lecturing at St. Edward's Professional Education Center (PEC). He is an advocate or ...

    Brad Davis

    Senior Program and Proposal Manager, Honeywell

  • Darrel and I and a few other people Darrel knew were working together to propose a Year 2000 conversion project for my prospective client. Darrel impressed me as very professional and ...

    Robert Pritchett

    Computer Consulting Firm

  • Darrel introduces himself as a Project Mangement expert, with considerable credentials, but he is actually considerably more than that. I have known and collaborated with Darrel off-and-on for 12 years and ...

    Don Jarrell

    Founder and Product Developer at Prista Corporation

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