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Personal Productivity Seminar

2.5 Eve. Hours, $4.99. Come to this concise, yet powerful Personal Productivity seminar to learn how to leverage your time and get control of your work, your commitments, and your life!

Join our complimentary seminar, as renowned speaker, consultant, & trainer Darrel Raynor teaches us how Personal Productivity techniques can help you organize your:

  • Work
  • Department operations
  • Projects
  • Volunteer tasks
  • Personal life
  • Beware, these processes will force you to assess your workload, your throughput, your commitments, your priorities, and make some changes that will be out of your comfort zone. Many have reported startling gains in productivity through the disciplined use of many of these techniques.


  • How to increase your productivity through the disciplined use of many A&I™ techniques.
  • How to use simple and inexpensive (even some free) tools to help you be productive
  • Come ready to learn and do some exercises with your laptop, tablet, or paper…
  • We will start promptly at posted session start time - nothing will be sold during the seminar

Who Should Attend:

  • Those with a desire to better manage their tasks
  • Those wanting to increase their organizational skills
  • Those wanting to better leverage their time
  • Process Improvement, Compliance, Audit, and Staff, Thought Leaders, Transformation & Change Champions, Change Managers
  • Executives, Managers, & other Leaders
  • Program Managers, Portfolio Managers
  • Team Members, Team Leads
  • Those interested in PMP®, CCBA®, or CBAP® PDUs CDUs
  • External and Internal Consultants
  • Those seeking gains in personal productivity
  • Those who wish to quickly improve their personal & organization operations & project processes
  • Those who manage staff at any level
  • Supervisors & their Staff
  • Project Managers, Project Leads, Project Coordinators, Project Assistants
  • Technical & other Subject Matter Experts
  • Operations Managers, Line Managers, Senior Staff, Directors, VPs
  • Executive & Administrative Assistants
  • Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Staff Analysts


None, other than wanting to improve your Personal Productivity!

Course Outline:

Introduction & Expectations


  1. Transitioning to Your Personal Productivity System (PPS) is a Project!
  2. Outlining Your Personal Productivity System
  3. Takeaways You Will Come Away With Today

What is Personal Productivity?

  1. Knowing What Is Important
  2. Knowing What Comes Next
  3. Handling All Your Inputs
  4. Using Your PPS to Ward Off Low Priority Commitments

Why Do I Want It?

  1. Too Many Tasks & Priorities
  2. Too Many People to Please
  3. Work-Life Balance
  4. Getting Your ‘A’ Priorities Done
  5. Bring Order & Satisfaction Back to Your Life
  6. Setting Expectations of Others


  • Single List of Everything You Think You Need to Do
  • Has Operations, Recurring, Project, & Misc. Tasks
  • Exercise: Make Your 1st Draft List
  • How Did That Feel?

Mechanics of Your System

  1. Make Your List
  2. Exercise: Reprioritize & Annotate Your List
  3. Process to Transition to Your PPS
  4. Process for Daily Use of Your PPS

Tools to House Your Process

  1. How to use simple & inexpensive (some even free) tools, such as:
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Google Docs / Google Drive
  4. Microsoft SharePoint
  5. Jira
  6. Asana
  7. Microsoft Project, and more.