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Technical Project Manager/New Product Development-DAR w1519

Technical Project Manager with expertise in New Product Development and broad experience in Data Science

SpecialtiesExtensive Engineering and Program Management skills in New Product Development and Introduction (NPI), extensive knowledge of IC/SoC Design, Development and Manufacturing, competent in both the Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC), expertise in Applied Industrial Statistics including SPC, TQE, DoE, Lean Six Sigma, continuous processes improvement, highly skilled in the resolution of complex technical issues such as manufacturing yield and product quality/reliability. Broad knowledge in Data Science with intensive training and direct experience in the use of a wide variety of client based tools such as Excel, JMP, and Tableau along with coding tools such as IDEs, compilers, interpreters, debuggers on Macs, PCs and AWS hardware platforms to develop and execute SQL, Python, C and Scala code to perform the extraction, formatting, cleaning and munging of Big Data, Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization, utilization of Python libraries such as Scikitlearn and TesorFlow to perform Machine Learning using statistical methods such as Linear/Logistic Regression with Feature Engineering and PCA, Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, NLP, and Deep Learning AI using Neural Networks.  Expert in achieving compliance with US Export Control law and regulations (EAR and ITAR).  Services include ECCN classifications, determination and application for appropriate export licenses, internal audit/gap analysis, development of Export and Technology Control Policies and Procedures with both on-site and remote training options.

Industries: Semiconductor design and manufacturing, EDA, Medical Devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Networking and Cloud Computing hardware.

Work Modes: Contract Consulting Placement via DA&R, Permanent Placement as Client Employee via DA&R, Part-Time, Full-Time via DA&R

Exceptionally capable and effective Senior Project/Program Manager with a background in Electrical Engineering and extensive experience driving the dEevelopment and manufacturing ramp-up of advanced Hardware, Software and System Level Products in the Semiconductor, Industrial Networking, Medical Device and Cloud Computing industries. A long history of superior project outcomes resulted from attainment of peak performance from globally distributed cross functional project teams by focusing on clear communication of vision and expectations with emphasis on team collaboration, rigorous project planning and risk management methodologies, advanced problem solving skills, driven by data, statistical methods and scrupulous attention to detail, excellence in execution with sound business acumen and an unwavering commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.

"My philosophy of project leadership is to always do what minimizes risk to the project and maximizes team productivity."

Education and Training: PMI certified PMP, Agile Project Management, Applied Industrial Statistics (SPC, DoE, TQE, etc),  Data Science Immersive, Project Team Benchmarking, BSEE (Cornell University).

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