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Project Turnarounds

We love to help our small to medium-sized business and  nonprofit clients reduce costs on a contingency basis. We systematically  review all vendors, contracts, processes, and systems to ensure your  costs are in line with best practices without reducing headcount. Most  organizations are not experts in cost optimization. We are and can help  immediately! We improve your vendor relationships while ensuring you get  the best price for just the services you need.

  • Each cost reducing plan is tailored to your organization
  • Quick hits and long-term savings are both addressed
  • You don't have the time, the expertise, or the desire to perform a thorough cost analysis
  • You know cost cutting is critically important to your bottom line
  • It  may have been on your "to do" list for a long time, or you address a  small area here and there but you will likely never have the time to do a  comprehensive analysis and cost improvement program
  • We have trusted relationships with dozens of vendors we leverage for you

Waste, Energy Use, & Recycling

Analyze  your entire waste stream including vendors, contracts, invoices,  alternatives analysis, contracts, and more. Part of your waste stream  may have value that can be used to reduce your waste expense and  possibly end up as a small revenue stream. We review all Utility and  Energy use and invoices. This usually generates Public Relations (PR)  opportunities and increases employee engagement and satisfaction.

Asset Review & Sales

Surplus,  outdated, or excess assets such as inventory, furniture, computers,  network, equipment, and supplies may well be a hidden source of cash and  certainly is a distraction and possibly a danger to your employees.  These assets should either be updated to be currently useful, salvaged  and put to immediate use, or decommissioned and sold or donated and  written off the books (Asset Disposition and Management). Anything  unneeded for current operations that has value, we will arrange the sale  on a percentage basis.

Telecomm, Internet, VOIP, & Wireless

Analysis,  vendor, contracts, and invoice review. We assure you get the best  service level and hardware at the lowest prices. We have gotten many of  our clients better cell phones, reduced contract fees, and employee  discounts. Are you a candidate for a simple version of Unified  Communications, VOIP, or just a wireless review? Let's review where you  are and where you want to be. We can then advise on communication  technology.

Financial, Accounting, & Insurance

Software,  processes, tools, sources of funds, training, and services review. We  assure that you are using the right people to do the right tasks in the  right way to reduce your financial services CPA and legal fees. We  review with our Alternative Financing experts your loans, capital,  investments, and cash flow. Frequently we reduce costs by inserting a  layer between you and your CPA and Legal firms. If you are not using  bookkeeping services we analyze lowest cost for local or remote, secure,  cost effective services. We also ensure your accounting structure is  optimized to take advantage of all deductions for needed expenses. For  Insurance we review your current coverages to best practices to drive  down your costs and increase your coverage where advisable.

Staffing, Temp, Interim, Project-based, or Employee

Let's  ensure you have the right blend of consistent, on demand, outsourcing,  contractors, and employee review. We help optimize your 'mix' of  internal and external resources and that they are all working on the  right level and responsibility for tasks and results. We audit your  contractors to help avoid government fines, more taxes on wages, and  re-categorizing as employees.


  • Free up cash for operations improvements and expansion
  • Reduce ongoing expenses, often your quickest way to higher profits
  • Increase cash flow to possibly reduce cost of capital
  • Worst  case: You receive a full cost and expense audit at low or no cost and  you validate that all your operations around Cost are solidly efficient.

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Let  us help reduce your costs and immediately generate cash! We either have  the talent or we bring in specific experts to get the job done for you,  fast and accurately! Here are a few ways we can help conserve your  capital and help you grow!

Processes, Automation,

& Use of Technology
Most  clients benefit almost immediately from a partial technology refresh,  many times reducing costs at the same time. Review of your current and  optimal technology implementations. Apps, Moving to the...

Purchasing Supplies, Equipment & Production Inputs

Analyze  and review all purchasing and other vendor contracts, processes, and  approvals. Optimize your buying, affinity programs, rebates, discounts,  lease or purchase, and more.

IT Information Technology

Hardware,  software, apps, on premise equipment, security, and Cloud review. We  assure you are using the most appropriate and cost effective technology  in every aspect of your organization. Don't continue being frustrated  with the cost, management, and support or your technology. We know the  right vendors to discuss and negotiate the best blend of online,  hardware, and software to free you from worry and optimize your work.