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Job Search Like A Boss Seminar

2.5 Hours - Free. If you're currently in the job market, or contemplating a move, you will want to come hear current strategies with current trends. Stop wasting your time and get that job fast!

Our speaker, Darrel Raynor, Director of Project Management, Business Analysis and Leadership Program at Extellent Professional Development Center was tasked, years ago, with laying off over 60 people as an interim manager. Since then, Darrel has been casually and formally counseling job seekers in all disciplines for over 25 years.

Besides providing instructors with experience in business analysis, project, program, and operations in many industries, his firm also places select contract and permanent project managers and business analysts at their clients.

Since the 2008 recession he has seen thousands of people wasting their time on well-meaning but non-effective job search techniques. Join us to hear what Darrel has to share and learn from him on the following topics:

  • Ratios on how you should spend your time.
  • When and where to network for best results.
  • Use Technology appropriately and get off the internet!
  • How to leverage social media without spending half your day.
  • Who to talk to and how to talk to them.
  • Networking outlets such as volunteering (your specialties, not just your time...)
  • How to reduce your time wasting activities and replace them with, yes, a PLAN!