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Project Turnarounds

We love to help our small to medium-sized business and nonprofit clients reduce costs on a contingency basis. We systematically review all aspects of your projects, including vendors, contracts, processes, and systems to ensure your costs are  in line with best practices without reducing headcount. Most organizations are not experts in project optimization. We are and can help immediately! We improve your vendor relationships while ensuring you get the best price for just the services you need.

We are frequently asked to lead quarterly or on-demand project reviews for our large clients and bring that knowledge to all our clients. We concentrate on what works in your environment, not on weighty methodologies that will slow you down. Let's discuss how to drive efficiency back in your projects.

Organizational Change Management

To get the most from your projects and process improvements efforts, it takes a village! If you want people to change, best practices are to use a variety of ways to both convince and use incentives. Our Change Management Transformation experts will help you lay out a cost-effective plan that greatly increases the chances of success and trims the time required to see results. A mix of meetings, assignments, performance incentives, and many more tactics can be applied to enhance your strategies in the form of upcoming changes that are accepted. 

Reviews and Assessments

Most projects get off track for one of two reasons:

  1. Expectations around scope, process, timetables, levels of effort, and other areas can keep good people from reaching agreement and critical mass of effort that means success. Many times the priority of each project is not defined, leading to 'Resource Roulette' and other nonproductive behaviors from your project managers and department leaders.
  2. Process is not defined and documented including specific roles and performance expectations.

Your goals and plans can be mapped to specific deliverables and other measurable results. Once we do that, the rest is assessing areas of profitable improvement, then jointly working through how to get there fast.

Audit & Quality Prep & Response


Documentation Management 


SDLC & Methodology


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