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There are many people seeking opportunities in Austin, Texas... Of those, there are a very few truly senior qualified people with the energy, innovation, leadership, and other qualities that stand out above the crowd.

Many will travel and some will relocate... Below are just a few of the good ones we know.

See below and on following pages for brief summaries of some of the very best Austin has to offer!

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DAR-Candidate-w1502 Chief Innovation Officer/Director of Program Management and Organizational Improvement

 DAR-Candidate-w1513 IT and Software Project Manager\Business Analyst

 DAR-Candidate-w1510 Experienced in Texas DIR security, BCP, and Disaster Recovery

 DAR-Candidate-w1503 Senior Strategic Alliance or Partner Programs Director

  DAR-Candidate-w1504 Senior Business Analyst

 DAR-Candidate-w1505 Senior Advisor of Project Teams