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Interim and Fractional Executives

Fortune 1000 to Start-Ups, DA&R has helped Boards, Founders, and Executives at commercial and nonprofit organizations increase revenue, decrease costs, and move initiatives forward. We have worked with many executives, and some are available! If you are looking for an Interim, Fractional or full-time C-Level, Vice President, or other executive until you do a permanent hire or to help complete a big project, contact us! For confidentiality, we do not list executives available.

3-10 days per month may be all you need for COO/CIO/CTO/CEO/CISO/CFO/CMO or specific experienced executive to jump-start your initiatives, turn your situation around, or drive existing efforts to conclusion. Your needs will likely vary, so our people are flexible! They work as much as you need, within your budget on a retainer basis. Other options are possible on a case-by-case basis, but we do not work on an all-equity basis...

Fractional and Interim Executives need to quickly gain respect, build trust, and engender loyalty from their executive direct reports, their teams, and all staff. Only then can they make the needed changes in process, tools, and staff. One of our associates can quickly stand in for an executive who left suddenly, has taken ill or on disability leave, or who must defer their regular duties for a special case such as leading a merger or opening a new office.

Let's Level Set Our Terms: 

Executive A very experienced person who has held a CxO position, near CxO position, or a high-paid specialist. Executives usually have experience in a variety of industries, organization types and sizes, and for organizations in growth, contraction, and stagnation modes. They usually have high decision making authority and a large span of influence and control.

Interim Executive - An executive who steps in temporarily, many times but not always full-time, to either handle a specific set of situations or provide a steady hand on the tiller until a permanent hire is made and brought up to speed. Interims sometimes end up going permanent if the fit is proven and other dimensions fall into place. Pay can be monthly, retainer, and in some cases performance based.

Fractional Executive - An executive who is available part-time, for a flexible amount of time spent and duration. Some fractionals help an organization for years, think about a CPA firm or outside council... They may evolve into a full-time or near full-time role if the organization requires it. Pay is usually retainer, sometimes daily, weekly, or hourly, and sometimes with equity.

Contact Us today to discuss your Interim, Fractional, or Permanent Executive needs, culture, and any other parameters.

How to take care of all this?

Foundational Work for CxO, E/S/VP Operations, and Turnaround Executive

  • Discovering the most efficient ways to run the business, workflows, and communications
  • Motivating existing staff and building new teams fast are two areas you need for success
  • Processes need to be efficient, in alignment, and flexible to help your people to excel
  • Work closely with CEO, Board of Directors and Advisors, Outside Counsel, and executive and staff direct reports
  • Culture improvement including transparency, openness, and continuous improvement for teams and individuals
  • Review, manage, and improve all use of technology, security, and compliance
  • Let us help ensure your staff has a good mindset, at the right compensation, with the right responsibilities and performance measures
  • Plan and monitor the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress
  • Review financial, compliance, and investment information and adjust operational budgets to increase profitability
  • Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/offices/professionals/vendors
  • Identify, build, and manage key business metrics
  • Drive business plan execution (metrics/comp plans) to the business strategy
  • Manage, coach, and mentor staff from different departments and provide constructive feedback
  • We provide startups, growing organizations including nonprofits, and turnaround situations a strong, senior operational focus
  • We also fill the gap when you are between operations executives -- we can ensure a permanent hire is a great fit. We support an organization as they grow into and who wish to ‘test drive’ a COO, CIO, or other role in your organization.

Objective, Fast, Assessments and Recommendations

Operations, projects, markets, processes, and other types of assessments can quickly get to the core of improvement opportunities. From formal benchmarks to using our experience to fine-tune, we can drive your processes to best in class.

We frequently review processes and people in all departments, across the nation or the globe, or just one team to help them form high-performance habits. Whether you want a comprehensive area by area or only a few key areas, we can jump in and generate actionable improvements or validate your current approaches. A few of the areas we have assessed and improved include Executive Compensation and Performance, Human Resources (HR), marketing and Sales, Partners, Manufacturing, Mergers and Acquisitions especially integration projects, Projects/PMOs/Program management, Learning and Development (usually a prime area for improvement), and more. We can step in and take over or just provide actionable recommendations for your staff to implement -- we can be there to guide implementations or provide a sounding board as your team grows into the new processes.

Here is why to use an Interim and/or Fractional Executive

  1. Save time and money. Not every aspect of your organization needs high-powered focus that a professional brings. We can step in, perform the work needed, and scale back to an advisory or fractional role in weeks or months, not years.
  2. Architecture is not always needed... You can bring in a pro to turn things around, develop and hone best practice processes, and then train the people to maintain those processes at much lower cost.
  3. Get a fresh, objective Perspective fast, without a long-term commitment.

Contact Us today to discuss your Interim, Fractional, or Permanent Executive needs, culture, and any other parameters.