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Delivered Speaking Engagements

DA&R provides speakers for small to large groups, from casual 45-minute brown bags to more involved hour to 4-day sessions. Speeches include motivational, informative, and entertaining keynotes or other types of talks for your internal or external conferences. From a client group of 6 to a full ballroom of 1,500 or more, Darrel Raynor and our other speakers will fill your need!

The person who matters most is the executive or other buyer who invests in our speaker's fee. Many times we're hired to shake things up. One buyer wanted to really motivate their people to change, and fast! We sometimes make some in the audience uncomfortable, for their own good. People change only when they are self-motivated or really prompted by another person they respect. This means that the speaker evaluations by attendees should not be the only criteria! We help our client drive lasting change by encouraging their people toward Fast Improvement to their processes and attitudes.

Contact Us to bring a Sr. Presenter to your site or next meeting! We represent many CxO-level and other informative speakers.

We estimate over 15,000 people have attended our keynote speeches, another 20,000+ speeches, and over 25,000 people have attended our trainings around the world...

Change Management - Business Transformation

Change Management in Family Engagement, a 4-hour workshop for the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation 2018 Leadership Symposium for 75 attendees. Darrel Raynor, of DA&R authored and led the program with Marcela Andres of RYHT.

Austin Project Management Institute
PMI 25th Anniversary Celebration

This was 250+ person crowd at the very nice Austin Arboretum Renaissance Hotel Ballroom. Darrel, as one of the two original Founding Mentors of the PMI Chapter, was asked for remarks on how and why the chapter was started. Unique was the interaction with the Austin visionaries who could see the value of forming a peer group of powerful project managers to mentor those seeking to enter the PM world. What a great 25 years it has been!
INNOTECH annual conferences and exhibitions are built specifically for business and technology executives, highlighting each region's innovation and technology development opportunities by showcasing pioneering products and services.
Presentations include:
Agile Without Tools:
Get Started with MS Office or Google Suite at Low Cost
Subtitle: Do NOT Buy Tools First!

Google Suites or Microsoft Office 365, are all you need to start your Agile Implementation! Senior Leaders and Staff are told they need to first buy or trial Tools to guide their Agile Implementation.

This is bass-ackwards!

Vendors and consultants drive Agile Implementations. They are paid by the number of seats you buy. Don’t buy into that! Use familiar tools to leverage hyperlinks and collaborations.

Lay out, pilot, and implement Agile processes across at least a couple of teams. Tweak those processes over a couple of projects. Then track how much manual time you are spending, then consider Software Tools.

We show how to use your free or low-cost productivity tools at your shop. You can start, pilot, and implement Agile without buying tools.

Interim Executives: When Should You Bring Them In and 
What Should You Expect Them to Handle?

Interim Executives (IEs) are usually highly qualified people with skills who have and can provide specific benefits. IEs can be a strong weapon in your fight for growth and stable revenues.
We discuss the types of situations where using IEs may be optimal including when you have an important Change effort and need Business Transformation Change Management.
We go over how to ensure the success of your IE efforts, and what to expect your IE to handle!

For the Turnaround Management Association (Central Texas)
Agile Planning:
5 Steps to Agile Transformation Planning for Success!
1. Plan Your Agile Transformation Like A Project!
2. Drive Realistic Schedule & Resource Needs
3. Secure Executive Involvement & All Resources
4. Execute & Communicate by Your Plan
5. Support Agile Retrospective Team Engagement
Don't Let Your Efforts Flounder, Include Business Transformation Change Work in Your Budget, Both Ops & Projects

Do your projects or operations improvement efforts stall or worse, end up not successful?

We have found that most failing projects and other efforts do so for the lack of real Business Transformation Change Management. Without a real change plan, valuable time and cost can be wasted when adoption lags or completely falls off. This is the real measure of project success, not on: time, budget, scope…

If real use is not attained, waste wins.
3 Whys to use Business Transformation Change Management!

Why 1: Employee Engagement and Buy-In

Why 2: Smoother Adoption and Initial Use

Why 3: Lasting Value and Reduce Backsliding

3 Agile Team Challenges & Process Solutions: Hybrid Thinking

1: New Frontiers: Transforming to and Championing Agile

2: Well begun is half done!

3Ensuring Team Engagement for your Retrospective Processes
Your PMO - A Go or a No-Go?
Having seen PMOs come and go through the years, we have found traits that FAILED PMOs exhibit. We cover what NOT to do, and of course what to do, to (re)form, or save your PMO.
Real-World Agile Projects: How To Structure Your MeetingsThe 6 (or 4 & 2 halves…) Types of Agile Meetings 1. Sprint (Iteration) Planning 2. Task Planning 3. Daily Stand Up 4. Collaboration 5. Demo 6. Retrospective • Takeaways!

Multiple Keynotes, Meeting Speeches, Seminars, and Workshops for commercial, nonprofit, and public sector

Leadership, Personal Growth (work topics...), Productivity, Diversity & InclusivenessIBM, HP, Temple-Inland, Dell, Emerson, Texas A&M, & many confidential...
Program Management, Project Management, Agile, and Business Analysis TopicsIBM, HP, Harte-Hanks, LCRA, FDA, US Army, Habitat for Humanity, Glimmer of Hope, 3 big banks, & many more

Keynotes: Multiple Professional Association, Software Vendor Annual Conference, and Independent Conference, from 350-1,500+ attendees

Austin Project Management Institute PMI 25th Anniversary Celebration - 250+ attendees - Project Managers and PMI, a Great Combination

NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative) (Twice) - 450, 600 attendees - Success and Transparency, How To Influence People

FOCUS Annual Conference (Twice) - 1,500+ attendees - Data Warehousing Best Practices and Importance of Process in Data Governance

Oracle Annual Conference - 1500+ attendees - Aligning Management Expectations for Data Intelligence Groups (also a workshop)

Progress Software - 200+ attendees - Worldwide Project Management Symposium - PMO Business Models That Work

Meals On Wheels luncheon on 
"Productivity for Project Managers"

This custom luncheon motivational and process talk on Productivity for Professionals was very well received by the 20+ attendees. The hour talk went 45 minutes long, with questions and other audience interactions. Several said these techniques will really help them in the professional and unexpectedly in their personal lives! Meals on Wheels staff and outside guests from the Project Management PMO SIG also asked some great questions and examples of how 
being more productive actually reduces stress.

Multiple Seminars on
"Job Search Like A Project Manager"
"Personal & Professional Productivity" 
for corporate, nonprofit, government, and vendor events,

25-125 attendees

"Darrel's Q&A session at the August 2018 Agile Austin QA SIG was informative and highly engaging.  His decades of experience led to great insights that helped our community's base of knowledge grow.  We look forward to having him back soon!"   - Ben Rogers, Agile Austin QA SIG Co-Chair

Multiple Speeches - In-house corporate meetings, workshops, and seminars 

  • Multiple cities INNOTECH CIO level conferences, 6+ sessions, 45-110 attendees
  • Multiple cities PMI & IIBA Professional Development Day, 10+ sessions, 100-350 attendees
  • Multiple cities PMI Chapter, dozens of topics, 50-250 attendees
  • Multiple SIGs Agile Austin, Agile Transformation, Improvement Coaching, and Agile Quality & Testing, 20-60 attendees
  • Multiple cities IIBA, APICS, Chamber of Commerce, and other organization Chapter meetings, panel discussions, and workshops, 25-150 attendees
  • Multiple cities Software Vendor client day presentations, 20-165 attendees
  • “LS Screening Roundtable” annual meeting for clients and friends of LS Screening, leading background check firm, 15+ attendees
  • Multiple HP, LCRA, IBM, and many other in-house Project Management or Process Improvement annual meeting talks, 75-350 attendees