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StartUps Success Story Project Briefing

Published February 11th, 2018 by Daradmin

StartUps Success Story Project Briefing - A Tale of 2 StartUps and a Turnaround - CxO: CEO/COO/CIO

Read below for how we have helped clients with decisions, processes, and results...

Hospital Quality SaaS Software StartUp: Staffing, Processes, Funding, & Technology

Online Retail Healthy Cosmetics Africa/USA StartUp: Business Model, Processes, Risk Mitigation, & Technology. 

Multi-million dollar Auto Collision / Body Shop / Repair / Maintenance: Partners, Contracts, Processes, Revenue generation, Staff, & Technology. 

Read on to discover more about how we help StartUps, Nonprofits, and firms from $5-50m USD.

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Each of the StartUp founding teams reached out to us to help them save time, money, and reduce inefficiencies, that led to faster profitability. We stepped in on a retainer basis as one or more of CEO, COO, or CIO Interim Executive. Either as Fractional (part-time) or dedicated to allow Founders and staff to continue ongoing operations. In each case our goals included removing blockers and setting best practice processes in all areas that led in each case to faster time to market for their products and services. For each StartUp situation below, we cover a quick glimpse of Challenges, Solutions, and Results & Benefits. Please contact us if you are forming, have, or know of a StartUp that could use a boost to reach their goals.

This from Dr. Laura Presley, PhD. on another startup engagement not listed below - "Darrel Raynor was recommended to me by the Executive Director at Discover Hope Fund. He assisted us in the start up phases of a new company that several colleagues and I are investing in. He was incredibly creative and knowledgeable at identifying tactical areas for improvement and new business strategies. His personable style was a wonderful fit for us and we benefited greatly by his expertise. In addition to his tactical and strategic guidance and advice, Darrel exhibited a very high level of integrity and professionalism. We really enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to anyone starting up a business or wanting to further and expand their existing market share."

This from Nikolas White - CFO, Triand - "Darrel was great to work with and is a natural leader. Specifically at Triand Darrel led an overhaul of our sales and marketing programs which resulted in significant new revenue and customers. He also made significant improvements in our Operations business process reengineering for Development, Support, Human Resources, and IT. Darrel's finance, accounting, M&A, and equity events expertise was incredibly helpful too. I consider Darrel a close advisor and recommend him wherever there are challenges to overcome. Darrel works collaboratively, faces challenges as they arise, provides leadership and guidance, and is not afraid of the hard decisions sometimes necessary. I learned a lot from Darrel and hope to work with Darrel again."


Results & Benefits

The firm moved from an Excel-based solution to a robust, secure, and scalable hosted cloud subscription service, drastically improving maintainability, scaleability, and lowered cost for customer acquisition and onboarding. Reduced initial and ongoing infrastructure costs by over 75% as we moved from servers and PCs to cloud-based product and operating processes. The Founders were able to concentrate on their product and marketing, gradually taking over operations as they finished their projects and were able to scale their attention.

Hospital Quality SaaS Software StartUp:Staffing, Processes, Funding, & Technology

This vibrant and growing Long-Term Acute Care (Nursing Homes, Recovery Facilities, etc.) Hospital Software-As-A-Service Quality Software firm now has customers in 24+ US states and is growing rapidly. Their product allows reducing risk, expensive settlements, audit findings, and greatly increases the chance that the hospital will rank highly in government ratings allowing maximum recovery of costs through insurance payments, medicare, medicaid, and other similar programs. Contact us for investment or other information.


The founders had deep medical management, medical quality, contract, and technology backgrounds but not enough time to do the research to set everything up in their StartUp in the most efficient manner. and still make rapid improvements in their product and move it to a new platform.


Trusting us to take the role of COO/CIO, we quickly selected and prototyped process and tool selections which allowed fast stabilization of internal processes. While the founders were building the first versions of their product, working with hospital alpha partners, and lining up funding, we worked on their Operations, Human Resources, and Marketing...  We set their technology platforms, collaboration environment, communication and other internal protocols, and handled procurement, accounting, staffing/hiring, and business model adaptations. We managed vendors, employees, and contract staff as we built their operating environments.

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Online Retail Healthy Cosmetics Africa/USA StartUp:  Business Model, Processes, Risk Mitigation, & Technology. 

A nonprofit executive reached out to us when he partnered with another person to found an Environmentally, Work Conditions, Employee-Centered manufacturing, marketing, and distribution firm for Socially Responsible personal products made in Africa and sold across the globe. They knew exactly what they wanted, 1-2 factories in Africa, sales via online and pop-up stores, and across the board ethical policies and results.


The founders had deep marketing backgrounds but not enough expertise to set everything up in their StartUp in the most efficient manner. and still make rapid improvements in their product and establish everything needed to drive product sales worldwide. They traveled often making meeting scheduling sporadic.


Trusting us to take the role of COO/CIO, we quickly selected and prototyped process and tool selections which allowed fast setup of internal processes and external partners. While the founders were honing in on product ingredients and the initial marketing blitz, we worked on their Operations, Human Resources, and Infrastructure... We set their technology platforms, collaboration environment, communication, accounting, and other internal protocols, and handled risk assessment and mitigation, procurement, and business model adaptations.

 SkinIsSkin Tiossan 

Results & Benefits

The firm quickly outgrew their home office and in-house manufacturing to a contract and multi-site. Their startup expenses were far lower than their original projections. Many Risks were mitigated that they had not considered. We helped them pull together their vision and a virtual team that over time resulted in a suite of products and companies that is still growing.

Confidential at client request...

Results & Benefits

Revenue went up over 25% immediately and profit more than doubled within 3 months. Employee satisfaction went up over 40% as some of the good employees knew about the theft and sloth and felt bullied. The son gradually took over operations over three months and we found him an ongoing business coach to keep him on a growth path. The founder was able to monitor the business via the cameras and online accounting and continues to help guide the son to continue growth and profitability.

Multi-million dollar Auto Collision / Body Shop / Repair / Maintenance:Partners, Contracts, Processes, Revenue generation, Staff, & Technology

The owner of a North Texas large scale auto shop reached out to us for help. He was sick and was getting worse, that was keeping him from being at his shop. He suspected his employees were stealing from him and shirking many of their responsibilities. The owner wanted to preserve the business, recover what he could from the employees running wild, and train up his son to take over.


His son was learning the business but was nowhere near ready to assume control. His staff was uncooperative and unresponsive to his and our requests. One was edging on threatening violence if he was not left alone. Revenue was slightly down but profits were down to negative! His employees, especially the two managers, were skimming. Other employees were doing work under the table for cash and charging parts, supplies, and services back to fake work orders. Collections were non-existent. The value of the business, according to a business broker, had fallen by half in the last six months.


Trusting us to take the role of CEO, we quickly placed cameras with recording and remote monitoring, inside and out, and put in many other controls. We assessed each employee and had to release five after video recorded them either stealing or working so far out of standard process that they were endangering others. We found kickback programs from parts vendors that were eroding profits. We had to release seven more after they all flunked a drug or background check. We mapped all parts to work orders and those to receipts. We revamped all their tech for shop, office, and mobile, as well as social media and other marketing and advertising. We negotiated an 'Impound Yard' contract with the city which allowed vehicles to be towed there after accidents or malfunctions which later increased revenue by 30%+. We offered referral fees to tow truck drivers in a partnership program that brought us many more vehicles. We revamped every process, created a training program for all employees, and instituted a 401k and bonus program to increase employee satisfaction.

Most Important

Make sure your StartUp Effort has the right people with the right skills and attitudes to leverage to get setup and running fast!

We are happy to assist you in consulting and staffing for your StartUp. We also represent executives for interim work.

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