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Cost Reduction & Savings

We love to help our small to medium-sized business and nonprofit clients reduce costs on a contingency basis. We systematically review all vendors, contracts, processes, and systems to ensure your costs are in line with best practices without reducing headcount. Most organizations are not experts in cost optimization. We are and can help immediately! We improve your vendor relationships while ensuring you get the best price for just the services you need.

Here are a few categories that our partner organization specializes in:

We only look at indirect, fixed monthly costs, nothing related to one-time purchases or labor costs. We are compensated based on a percentage of realized savings (no upfront fee) – if we don't save you money, you don't pay. On average we reduce costs 20-30% without switching your vendors or service levels.

  • Categories and Average Savings*:
  • Solid & Medical Waste Removal -- 31%
  • Telecom -- 28%
  • Maintenance Contracts -- 26%
  • Treasury and CC Processing -- 34%

Telecom, Internet, VOIP, & Wireless

Analysis, vendor, contracts, and invoice review.  We assure you get the best service level and hardware at the lowest prices. We have gotten many of our clients better cell phones, reduced contract fees, and employee discounts. Are you a candidate for a simple version of Unified Communications, VOIP, or just a wireless review?  Let's review where you are and where you want to be. We can then advise on communication technology. 

Financial, Accounting, & Insurance

Software, processes, tools, sources of funds, training, and services review. We assure that you are using the right people to do the right tasks in the right way to reduce your financial services, banking, CPA, and legal fees. We review with our Alternative Financing experts your loans, capital, investments, and cash flow. Frequently, we reduce costs by inserting a layer between you and your CPA and Legal  firms. If you are not using bookkeeping services, we analyze the lowest cost for local or remote, secure, cost-effective services. We also ensure your accounting structure is optimized to take advantage of all deductions for needed expenses. For Insurance, we review your current coverages to best practices to drive down your costs and increase your coverage where advisable.

Staffing, Temp, Interim, Project-based, or Employee

Let's ensure you have the right blend of consistent, on demand, outsourcing, contractors, and employee review. We help optimize your 'mix' of internal and external resources and that they are all working on the right level and responsibility for tasks and results. We audit your contractors to help avoid government fines, more taxes on wages, and re-categorizing as employees.

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Let us help reduce your costs and immediately generate cash! We either have the talent or we bring in specific experts to get the job done for you, fast and accurately! Here are a few ways we can help conserve your capital and help you grow!

Processes, Automation, & Use of Technology
Most clients benefit almost immediately from a partial technology refresh, many times reducing costs at the same time. Review of your current and optimal technology implementations. Apps, Moving to the Cloud, replacing outdated servers with AWS, Dell, or Microsoft online platforms and more... We work with partners who can likely reduce your benefits costs without reducing benefits!

Purchasing and Sales of Excess Supplies, Equipment & Production Inputs

Analyze and review all purchasing and other vendor contracts, processes, and approvals. Optimize your buying, affinity programs, rebates, discounts, lease or purchase, and more. Wipe and sell electronic equipment such as PCs, Printers, Routers, and more. We can sometimes find government programs that award grants, rebates, or other incentives. We search for overpayments and negotiate best in class pricing. Only at your request will we switch vendors.

IT Information Technology

Hardware, software, apps, on premise equipment, security, and Cloud review. We assure you are using the most appropriate and cost-effective technology in every aspect of your organization.  Don't continue being frustrated with the cost, management, and support of your technology. We know the right vendors to discuss and negotiate the best blend of online, hardware, and software to free you from worry and optimize your work.

Logistics, Postage, & Shipping

This is an area of frequent savings. Shippers are changing the way they charge for shipments to include outside dimensions as well as weight. We review and negotiate contracts, processes, and vendors to ensure you are operating your logistics at peak performance and lowest cost. We look at all waste streams to determine if they can be sold or bartered. We look at packaging and Public Relations opportunities as well.

Many other areas such as employee health insurance and other employee benefits, credit card and merchant services, alternative financing, public relations, marketing, advertising, facilities consolidation, work from home programs, and more! We help you move to a cost aware and reduction mindset, or we can perform periodic reviews for you at no cost. Start your process by scheduling your complimentary session.