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"The Continuous Interaction and the discussion of the real time problems faced by the participants in their job, and the solutions provided by the instructor were a great help." 

"Darrel was incredibly knowledgeable. He was able to answer and respond to all questions with examples and provide a very thorough and detailed answer.  He knows his stuff."

"Thank you for the engaging and thought stimulating training.  I can honestly say, it was one of the best training sessions I have attended while at <major international financial institution>.  I hope to have the honor of hearing you speak again."

"I wanted to drop you a personal note to say thank you for the excellent course that you lead last week in the U.K. I have already benefited from putting in place some of the processes that you talked us through, and I’m looking forward to the new budget approvals so that I can get my teeth into new projects being kicked off and managing them in an efficient and transparent way."

"“Best course ever” (3); “More ways to improve our processes then we have heard before”; “Great stuff, we will need help implementing even a fraction”; “If this actually works (several different techniques…) then it will save us at least 10% of our time”; “Just the meeting minute avoidance will save us hundreds and hundreds of emails a year, and a lot of frustration!”; “Moving away from managing by emotion to managing by data may be what will help us all improve.”"

Thank you for an awesome presentation on PMO yesterday.  I was hanging on every word - especially the part on documents!  You were engaging and I liked the way you took time to answer questions during your presentation - and afterwards. Thanks again, Darrel. 

It was truly a pleasure meeting you.

I took the course titled 'Data Analysis Foundation' with Darrel Raynor. The course content was extremely useful and the sessions were very engaging, enriching and insightful. Darrel is a great instructor, who uses lots of real-world examples and scenarios to teach complex things and makes it look so easy and simple. Also, he utilizes various teaching aids that make the course very interesting and creative.

They were such GREAT notes! In doing my feedback, I noted that I learned so much today. ... I got so much today that I feel empowered to do my job as a BSA. THANK YOU! I’ll definitely get in touch with you!

Really appreciate it, Darrel! You did a fantastic job with the class yesterday!

The process, stories and discussion were really fun to experience.
-Very good course. I learned a lot.
-This was very enjoyable. I got a lot out of it and plan to use as much as I can!
-Great lessons/Material.
-Darrel provided valuable information that I will use in the ‘Real World.’
-Great teacher. I would like to take other courses with Darrel Raynor.
-Everything was good.
-Thanks for providing a great class. That last instructor (Alfredo) was superb.