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"Darrel's Q&A session at the August 2018 Agile Austin QA SIG was informative and highly engaging. His decades of experience led to great insights that helped our community's base of knowledge grow. We look forward to having him back soon!"

"You inspired me to seek Project Management and certification, which is life changing. Good show, Darrel."

As a graduate of Data Analysis & Results, Inc. PMP Boot Camp, I can’t recommend Darrel Raynor and his classes to you enough. Highly Recommend!

This was an excerpt from a series of tailored and customized courses for a Fortune 1000 firm (who has rules against specific disclosures...) that DA&R delivered over 2 years time... Certainly all our reviews were not this stellar and you can expect full effort from our entire team on your training, consulting, staffing, and event speaking that you see represented here... Ask us about customizing training to your tools, people, levels of understanding, and goals delivered at your sites, our sites, across the globe in person or virtually.

And just a snippet of representative comments.

This was a Business Problem Solving half-day class. There was vibrant discussion and the instructor, Darrel Raynor, led us through some somewhat uncomfortable discovery  -- but then we had a breakthrough and were able to work together much better. Darrel sensed that we had not centered on a decision process and almost like a therapist, forced us through discussion on who had the real power to make decisions. The group had an ah-ha moment and we were then able to make our key decisions right in class. He really did "Knock The Stupid" out of our lame decision process! Thank you Darrel!

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great class. As an operations manager I feel empowered to organize my thoughts and processes in a manner that will be much more effective. I am recommending this class to some other folks in VerizonBusiness here in Austin that would have a vested interest." 

"The Continuous Interaction and the discussion of the real time problems faced by the participants in their job, and the solutions provided by the instructor were a great help." 

"Darrel was incredibly knowledgeable. He was able to answer and respond to all questions with examples and provide a very thorough and detailed answer.  He knows his stuff."

"Thank you for the engaging and thought stimulating training.  I can honestly say, it was one of the best training sessions I have attended while at <major international financial institution>.  I hope to have the honor of hearing you speak again."

"I wanted to drop you a personal note to say thank you for the excellent course that you lead last week in the U.K. I have already benefited from putting in place some of the processes that you talked us through, and I’m looking forward to the new budget approvals so that I can get my teeth into new projects being kicked off and managing them in an efficient and transparent way."