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Project Management Foundation & Best Practices

Executives and other leaders need fast, accurate, and efficient project results. No one wants project methodologies that bog down both your people and your customers. Applying best practices from traditional, agile, and real-world projects using readily available productivity tools can reduce your project costs over 25%. Your people need techniques to reduce their repetitive conversations and status processes that do little to provide senior managers with summary data supporting actionable recommendations. Each real-world, tailored exercise is designed to bring experienced professionals in any field through at least one full project life cycle. Reducing the forms, processes, and other low-value activities allow practitioners to focus on actionable efforts leading to immediate improved people and process performance.

Public, Virtual, or at your site. Customizable to your needs. Detailed Course Description: (PDF tbd). May include multiple on-site and virtual live instructors to maximize Learner experience and points of view. To register: or +1-512-850-4402. Course Schedule:

Full course descxription tbd.