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Project Management (PMP) • Senior Program Manager Organizational Improvement- DAR-Candidate-W1532

Project Management (PMP) • Senior Program Manager Organizational Improvement


  • Successfully managed 24+ development and production programs with combined total values in excess of $125M and one program with total value to the organization near $1B.
  • Strategic problem-solver, results-oriented work ethic, and driven self-starter with over 20 years of process and efficiency improvement experience.
  • Able to make decisive and accurate decisions in a fast-paced technical environment.
  • Able to re-baseline under-performing programs to complete under budget and time.

Key Skills

Continuing Process Improvement

Cost/Value Analysis

Cross-Cultural Team Building

Cycle/Lead Time Reduction

Estimating Time & Effort

Project Financing

ROI & KPI Calculations

Productivity Management

Project/Program Management

Prototype Development

Risk Management

Strategic Vision/Mission Planning

Troubleshooting/Problem Solving

Employee Training/Coaching

Information & Data Interpretation

Selected Achievements

Gold Seal PM Course Instructor 2016 to present

  • Help students navigate around the pitfalls and risks that are associated with project management and provides them with a foundation in PM.
  • Project and Program Management Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Buck Studio and UT Austin - worked on the development and implementation of UT’s innovative online PM course. Developed a typical day in the life of a project manager process flow, with videos and other innovative improvements. My work included developing all the wireframes that for the Content Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS).

Program Manager III2013 to 2015

Customer facing representative for multiple projects with teams ranging from 5 to 30+ members. Routinely presented to senior executives and other leadership. Inspired, motivated, collaborated, directed, and influenced each project team. Managed forecasts, material and resource planning, budgeting, quality, purchasing, estimating, engineering (manufacturing, mechanical, design, project and test) and P&L.

  • Senior financial analyst stated that the Estimate At Completion (EAC) package that I developed for the top development project was the “best package that he had seen across different sites since he started with the company.”
  • Took control of an underperforming project with low customer expectations. One of six valves expected to be qualified by year end (~6 months). The team qualified five of the six products and delivered production hardware six to seven months earlier than expected.
  • Spearheaded the development of a “best in class” proposal process. Incorporated estimations, pricing content, compliance matrices, risk reserves, and overall program assessment data.

Program Manager II2007-2013

Directed multiple development and production project teams concurrently within a matrixed organization.  Routinely presented to executives.Executed tasks, supported, and inspired project teams to be successful. Guided teams to resolve conflict and risk, and recommended solutions. Responsible for managing each project P&L, resource support, scheduling, software development and test, quality, purchasing, estimating, contracts, engineering (mechanical, design, project, manufacturing and test).

  • Proactively developed a successful proposal process incorporating account resources, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), proposal estimation process, pricing, project documentation, compliance matrices, risk reserve, and overall program assessment data.
  • Managed three production programs that transitioned into a state of the art Mixed Model Assembly Cell utilizing a strategic partnership with the operations team. The project cell received the firm’s President’s Award for Supply Chain Innovation.
  • Directed the successful execution of a short order development device. The design was so ruggedized that after dropping it from an aircraft twice to prove durability.
  • Developed a method for managing schedules and budgets for each project. Created relationships with customers that led to the award of other programs. Used software for issue tracking and used historical actuals to develop future proposals.

Prior Experience

  • L-3 Communications, IEC, Program Manager I - Re-baselined budget and schedule of a critical program that supported the DoD. Received a company award for a security implementation that led directly to a change in the national Department of Defense GPS security policy.
  • Overlook Systems Technologies, PM Government Contractor - Provided management consulting services to Air Force officers for Global Positioning System (GPS) projects. Wrote specification and procedures. Developed three government conferences, each 100+ attendees.
  • US Air Force (and Reserve), Personnel and Acquisitions Officers, PM - Supported Global Positioning System (GPS) Joint Program Office (JPO) in all aspects of authorization and approvals of defense grade GPS. Managed next generation security device development. Developed a management information system that reduced processing time from 30+ days to less than 1 hour and transitioned from Access to Oracle. Member of the AF Honor Guard.

Education & Certifications

  • PMP Project Management Professional (PMP) - Project Management Institute
  • M.S., Leadership and Management , emphasis in Organizational Development, U La Verne
  • B.S., Business Administration & Management Information Systems (MIS), San Jose State U
  • SECRET security clearance (Previously held TOP SECRET clearance in the Air Force)