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Since 1985, DA&R’s senior consultants have provided expert guidance and interim management and executive roles in organizations like yours all over the world... We create elegant solutions to leverage our clients’ opportunities for growth and improvement. We will collaborate with your staff to directly and efficiently address your pressing issues and solve your complex problems.

Let DA&R’s Project Management, PMO, Turnaround Management, Interim COO/CIO/VP/Director, Staffing, Training and Business Analysis Consulting Services complete your projects or improve your operations processes. Request a quote or contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

"We just got the same or better level of Agile consulting from you in this course, that we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for from others, and the advice was better! Much more realistic, not academic. We will have you back."
Sr. Manager, Multinational Investment Bank
“We realized the first day that we were our own worst enemy. Come ready to change and you will benefit greatly from this business analysis training. We will bring Darrel and his team in-house prior to our next big project.”
Sr. Director, Software Firm
"Instead of giving instruction and sending us on our way, you helped us with starting a realistic approach that we can take back to the office and use immediately."
Sr. Project Manager, State Government Agency
"Thank you for the pure gold that the course was. I learned in a few days what might have taken me years to figure out on my own...Thank you for your wisdom...You teach the value of respect and regard and basic horse sense very elegantly."
Sonali Gurpur, Business Analyst