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Just wanted to say thanks again for the training session last week. It sparked productive conversation about how to improve our Business Analysis and Project Management processes. The class attendees were all very complimentary about your insight and practical approach.

Thank you for the pure gold that the course was. I learned in a few days what might have taken me years to figure out on my own. And I wonder what that process might have looked like. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for being an awesome human being in addition to being an awesome teacher. You teach the value of respect and regard and basic horse sense very elegantly.

Throughout our class I enjoyed your thoughts on how important the communication process is. I have been on projects where stakeholders were not engaged and there was a general lack of effective communication; a true recipe for disaster. I like how you tout simplicity, and especially how you mention the importance of eliminating redundancy. Just like the example you provided in class about database normalization, redundancy is a killer. Nothing is more soul crushing, it is sloppy and creates more work than necessary. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Mr. Raynor,

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I wish you a happy New Year. I also wanted to thank you very much for teaching me all the things that you did. My experience in your class has proven to set me up for success. You have no idea how much I am benefiting from your guidance. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your talk at Innotech and learned a few things in the process. I especially like it when you challenge conventional wisdom.

This was an absolutely terrific program, and I’m so pleased with all that I took away from it; upon returning to my office, I immediately began implementing organizational and time-saving strategies inspired by what I had learned.

Darrel is both personable and extremely knowledgeable. His narrative style of teaching made it possible to absorb a huge amount of information at one time, because he made theory and strategy memorable by associating them with real-world examples (both his own, and the students).

We were challenged and presented with concepts that will help in analysis/modeling of our business processes.

Darrel is awesome - drives to practical, usable deliverables that are CAG focused. After we're done we'll have new tools we can use to standardize our modeling processes. Confidence level is high.

The most valuable aspect of the training program is that some of the knowledge gained can be used immediately to significantly improve my job performance.