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Senior Advisor of Project Teams who specializes in building successful internal and external partnerships, uncovering the overlooked key partnership that facilitate team excellence, fostering collaboration between high-performing Project Managers and ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and translating them into actionable items.

Location: Austin, TX USA
Industries: Financial Communications, Print, Food, Education, Healthcare
Travel % Preferred: 0 - 10%
Willingness to Relocate: Not at this time

  • 25 years of senior-level regional leadership in Program/Project Management

  • Managed accounts in excess of $80 million

  • Proven success building effective global and virtual teams

  • Establishes relationships with internal and external clients to uncover gaps in process, communication and collaboration barriers

  • Training and development for high-performing Project Managers

“The hallmark of my career success is a passion and an ability to infuse change management into all aspects of team development. Familiarity with change keeps teams nimble, drives innovation, drives continuous improvement, seamlessly incorporates ambiguity and emphasizes the team’s role as a key player that delivers results in the organization. Teams must know who they are and why they exist to be effective.” - DAR-Candidate-w1505

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