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Management & Technical Resources to Learn - Actually Useful!

Published October 18th, 2016 by Devteam

This is a living document. If you find a Project Management, Business Analysis, or leadership tutorial or other information you think should be listed here, or if any links cease working, please email

Here are what we have found to be useful tutorials or other types of aids to understanding... Thank you and enjoy! Let us know if these have been helpful to you in studying for an exam or in managing your projects and career.

How to submit Professional Education Course Hours for Re-certification Credit

PMI - 


Useful Training & Business Areas


The KHAN ACADEMY® micro video lectures stored on YouTube teaching math, history, healthcare, finance, and many other subjects are free and incredibly useful. Here is one short video that explains various math concepts needed for the PMP, CAPM, CBAP, CCBA and other professional certifications.

For New Management or any manager who is floundering or who wants to improve:

How To Cut Down On Constant Interruptions During Your Meetings

How The Words You Speak & How You Speak Them Affect You & Others

Business Analysis Resources

Aris Express is our favorite modeling tool, free, at least for the first level, and also has this great poster! This is the best taxonomy of simple models, as they all should be! Enjoy.

Wow. These Testing Mind Maps were exactly what I could have used on dozens of projects! Great brainstorming and productivity helpers!
also see this fine Agile testing tutorial:

PMP and other PMI Certification FAQs & Resources

Exam changes 1/11/16

PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP)® Examination Content Outline

PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP)® Handbook

PMI® Professional Code of Ethics

e-SIM - Electronic Exam Simulator from PM Star, our favorite and close to the exam.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Recent Blog by an African PM trainer...

Critical Path sites…

Microsoft Project

Good MS Project software tips newsletter: MS Project Tips Newsletter/Blog and an installable tutorial (Firefox & IE only...) can help you get what you need!

MIT Open Courseware -

Massive Open Online Courses -

Microsoft Outlook

Darrel Raynor (From our LinkedIn posting)

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We would be happy to talk these topics over with you anytime!

"For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul." Proverbs 2-10 NIV.

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