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Knocking the Stupid out of Job Search & Career Enhancement for Professionals

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What we at DA&R may be able to do for you... 

  • We have an opt-in LEADS list where we email when we have or know of a specific opportunity. Sometimes contract sometimes employee... Let us know if you want on that list!
  • For senior professionals, see our Staffing - Experts Available page... If you have senior level skills contact for information on how to get a listing. It will be anonymous so that opportunities come through us, no one else will know. We will need an updated resume highlighting the skills on your expert blurb.
  • We sometimes have limited short-term opportunities to work, pro bono, on some of our accounts, for professional associations, and some volunteer, to freshen your resume, meet a lot of good people, and maybe get hired!

Career Enhancement

There are many thin gs you can do to maintain and grow your career trajectory... Important topics include learning and more important, applying what you learn to do more for your employer or nonprofit organization you volunteer for.

As you research and add best practices, tools, and experience to your professional expertise, take a minute and document as you go. Update your LinkedIn profile, resume, and other social media areas appropriate for your industry, or yearly performance documentation to ensure you have ready answers and can present a brief summary of the area including benefits of adoption to others.

As you see in-house or external jobs you may want to apply for, grab relevant keywords and make sure your materials contain them and synonyms.

As a leader, think about documenting your current practices this way as well. Many others in your organization or even outside your organization may benefit.

Career & Resume Coach

Are you confused, frustrated, and worried…not getting results from your job search and resume? Lost in all the advice others give? Ready for a change…want to listen to something new? The PIP System is the answer to the loud job battle-cry, “how do I get attention?” 6 years in development and some 100 case study participants, the PIP System offers a new approach to Career Success and Job Search that actually changes the way we think, who are, how we and others behave and, most importantly, how the market is hiring and how to sell you!

Doug Whatley is the best, period. He will put you through a process that will focus you and help you dramatically increase your traction… If you want very intellectual help from perhaps the best resume and career coach in the business, contact Doug Whatley, be persistent… Doug Whatley LinkedIn profile and tell him we sent you! Doug has a massive network and has been known to place a few people with great organizations too!

Job Search Resources

Volunteering Resources

Everyone should volunteer and it is especially important for job seekers. Expand your network, increase your skills, and give back, all at the same time! Volunteering looks great on a resume, especially if you have a gap... Don't limit  yourself to local opportunities, you can do a lot remotely.


Please be mindful of your attitude... We see so many people who have been laid off, sometimes multiple times, through no fault of their own and you can feel the anger still burning in them. Don't blame others, always be cheerful. Don't be what people in the industry call, "Damaged Goods" with a chip or martyrdom on your shoulders...

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." - Proverbs 17-22 NIV.

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