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WE’RE PACKED - we can have one or more consultants on your site usually in 24-72 hours. Almost all engagements can be done with a blend of onsite and virtual consultants to save you travel and other hassles. Initial face-to-face meetings are standard, then apply the right blend of onsite and people using remote technology on an hourly, daily, retainer, or deliverable basis.

We don't have a 'bench' so we can use the right, and only the right, people on your engagement.

Project Management

DA&R provides a wide range of Project Management Leadership and  Solutions.  Whether it's PMP Certification or Best Practices training  Leadership in Traditional, Agile, or Hybrid Methodologies, Planning,  Documentation, or turning around a Troubled Project, let DA&R's  experienced senior professionals help your teams successfully deliver  your organization's Critical Projects.

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Meetings & Workshops

DA&R's Senior Team has years of leading and facilitating critical  meetings and workshops of all sorts, be they Project Planning, Risk,  Consensus building, JAD Sessions, Strategic Planning, Crisis Management,  Requirements, Change Management, Customer and Stakeholder Requirements  or Verification, or Quality/Inspection sessions.

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Reviews & Assessments

At DA&R, we have experienced professionals to help you leverage any  organizational, functional, or technical review or assessment. Our Team  can lead any such review or assessment activity, directly, or work with  you as a consulting “Senior Member of the Team” to ensure your reviews  provide you critical insight and a high Return on the Invested effort.

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Process Improvement

DA&R's Leaders can help your Organization improve their Management,  Implementation, and Control Processes. Whether it's an overall Process Effectiveness Assessment, some specific  upgrades in a particular area, or a System Wide Process Upgrade, we can  use any number of different techniques of your choosing to improve your  effectiveness, overall ROI, or increase the Value Stream to your  customers and other major stakeholders.

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Project Management Consulting

DA&R provides a wide range of Project Management Leadership and Solutions. Whether it's PMP Certification or Best Practices training Leadership in Traditional, Agile, or Hybrid Methodologies, Planning, Documentation, or turning around a Troubled Project, let DA&R's experienced senior professionals help your teams successfully deliver your organization's Critical Projects.

Services Available Include:

  • Help your team define the Scope and Requirements of the project
  • Requirements Prioritization
  • Stakeholder Analysis: We can help you define your essential stakeholders (both outside customers and the various internal leaders, experts and functional area representatives), ensuring that essential focus areas, interest groups, and key people are not left out of the planning process
  • Stakeholder Interviewing
  • Work with your PMs and cross team functional areas to ensure the right type of Project Management detail, the right type of Project Management System (Traditional, iterative, Hybrid, Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.), product development detail, and the appropriate level of documentation throughout
  • Work with the team to produce high-level Management documentation
  • Help the team maintain an appropriate audit readiness posture
  • Ensure that the stakeholder verification processes are thorough and complete
  • Risk Management Planning: Risk Identification and Definition, Prioritization and Response Creation/Implementation
  • Project Closure: Help ensure the team uses the appropriate processes and creates the proper documentation to close out the project
  • Meeting Facilitation:
  • Team Charter Creation
  • Strategy Creation
  • Decision Checkpoint Meetings
  • Requirements Identification, Definition and Clarification, Prioritization and Response Creation/Implementation
  • Quality Control: Assessment, Control, and Recovery
  • Audit Meetings
  • Root Cause Analysis and Lessons Learned Meetings based on past and present team successes and challenge areas, or for issues that Quality Control audits have identified as needing improvement
  • Product or Process Inspections
  • Documentation Reviews

A complete and comprehensive array of these services, or just a select subset of these services is available.

A complimentary first consultation that will allow us to discuss and effectively ascertain your needs, is available.

Agile & Integrated (A&I)TM Best Practices

Learn more about our trademarked Best Practices & other great ways to save money, time and hassle. We help broaden your palette of processes, templates, & other techniques that we have authored & were exposed to at our many clients.

Tips for a Smooth Consulting Engagement Start

  • We advise that you have at least a few deliverables in mind, and that you remain flexible in case our findings indicate changing those deliverables or point toward other work that should be done, or in case we jointly decide to go another way...
  • It is very frequent that the engagement morphs away from what was originally expected, due to our assessment and recommendations.
  • Change Management may be needed on your part for best results... We do not want to be in the majority of projects with mediocre results due to not following through to win the hearts and minds of your employees. Training frequently helps here.
  • Please calendar time as needed to participate in the engagement, weekly at least.
  • Assign a 'Handler' to assist the hiring executive to arrange for myriad questions and small things. 'Handler' should have access to people, files, and expediting authority to reduce processing time.
  • Arrange at least read access to business processes, templates, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.
  • We follow WEDIAKPO2!TM Ask us about Write Everything Down In A Known Place Once, Online!TM
  1. If you want a conversation to remain confidential, be sure and point that out to ensure we understand.
  2. If you or a delegee to review documents before posting publicly, especially Risk Registers or Reports, please let us know to keep them confidential until reviewed.
  3. Please pre-arrange collaborative document area access in a shared document space where everyone involved in the engagement can edit.

Communication should be early and often, in person whenever practical, via screen share if not

  • Planning - is always recommended in appropriate measure
  • Change Management - will likely take significant resources and communication
  • Expectations - critical to understand what is possible and how to get there