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Coaching, Mentoring, Career Counseling

At DA&R, we have experienced professionals to help you leverage any organizational, functional, or technical area. Our Team can lead coaching, mentoring, or career coaching, directly, or work with you as a coaching “Senior Member of the Team” to ensure your reviews provide you critical insight and a high Return on the Invested effort.

Businesses have many “moving parts” many of which could benefit from a “fresh point of view” from seasoned professionals or Subject Matter Experts. Our team at DA&R is comprised of very experienced professionals. Every team member comes with decades of expertise, often from major flagship organizations that are leaders in their market sector, Fortune 100 companies, or from advanced positions in Government or other areas of the Public Sector. We have the expertise you need to leverage any organizational, functional, or technical review or assessment. We can lead any such review or assessment activity for you, or work with you as a consulting “Senior Member of the Team” to ensure your reviews provide you critical insight and a high Return on the Invested effort.

Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of Best Practices, and a varied list of improvement options, from useful, easy to implement “Low Hanging Fruit” to other more extensive “go forward” plans and roadmaps. We know that significant improvement is often not found in the most difficult and complex activities, but in simple yet highly transformative changes that can yield major value for not a lot of churn or difficulty. Sometimes the biggest changes come not from changing many things, but only a significant few. In the Process Improvement field, this is sometimes known as defining and separating out the Trivial Many from the Significant Few. Let us work with you to see what kinds of significant improvement for your organization we can find together.

Looking for a job now or to upgrade your career? Want more out of your career?

We can help! Recently the job market has changed. DA&R loves to help job seekers like you make the most of the new job market. We’ll help you quickly become more attractive to employers.

What to Expect

  • We'll start with a 1-hour session to clarify your goals and make sure they are specific and reasonable. We'll quickly discuss and prioritize what you need to do to get those interviews and a great job! You will have assignments after each session that we will review before and during your next session.

  • We will guide you in the specific work you need to do to reach each next step. You will start to experience your confidence and readiness increase after your 2nd session if you do your work...

  • To enhance and focus your personal brand, we’ll show you how to create your 30-second 'Elevator Speech' and make your resume, LinkedIn profile, other social media profiles pop with what employers are looking for.

  • We will coach you how to productively participate in online communities. This is very appealing to employers and recruiters and will help you get interviews.

  • Twice weekly, we’ll have an hour call, then move to 1 call/week at your discretion. We will work on your in-person and online presence, interview performance, and hire-ability.

  • In between calls, you’ll have work to do! We will email/IM in between calls as appropriate to help you along. You will greatly increase your knowledge of your chosen job markets and how everything works now.

  • We will help you craft one or more cover letters for each type of position you seek.

  • Networking is central to your job hunt! We will jointly identify your most productive networking venues, goals, and how to approach people with a 'How Can You Help Others First' attitude, which makes Networking a whole lot easier!

Interview Topics

  • Research and preparing to give a world-class interview.

  • Day of the interview final preparation.

  • Performing at your best during your interview.

  • Post-interview follow-up that is a value-add, not just nagging for a response.

  • We’ll work directly with you via Google, Skype, or other remote communication technology.(You need to become familiar with these as the trend is to use Skype or Google for initial screening interviews...)

Let's Do It!

There’s a 4-hour minimum to start. Most clients use 5-10 hours, with extensions at you request.

When you get an interview we’ll jump in with a special session or two to help you prepare.

Let's start this week! 512-850-4402.

Background & Credentials

  • We give frequent presentations to help job seekers and those wishing to upgrade and manage their careers.

  • We partner with several State Workforce Agencies, are a provider for several Federal Job Aid programs, and have worked with a few Federal Agencies on their job programs.

  • We have worked with outplacement agencies to identify job seekers who are good candidates for training to improve their skills.

  • We hold in-depth open enrollment and private in-house training for job seekers around the nation on rejoining the workforce.

  • For more about DA&R, see and, of course, our home page