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Knocking the Stupid out of PMO Business Models

Published October 19th, 2016 by Devteam

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Why Think About PMO Business Models?

There are two main reasons:

Most current PMO Business Models simply do not work and are not sustainable...
To raise performance of your people or their processes.

If you are considering forming, own, are part of, or interact with a PMO or related project management or governance organization, and you feel that your PMO could be a lot more productive, smoother, and add more value, read on...

The rest of this article will show where you should put your improvement effort. Let's go over some of the main points for professional and immediately useful PMOs.

Project Management Offices have waxed and waned through the years, searching for a working business model. Many have failed, most that remain are in a constant state of having to justify their existence. Your PMO can overcome the distraction label and really help your functional units perform better. What is the problem with traditional business models for PMOs?
These and other symptoms or problems may need to be addressed...

You want to reduce friction between your PMO and functional units.
You want to increase performance.
Your PMO does not feel sustainable or permanent.
Your PMO has to constantly justify its existence.
Your PMO goals are in direct or indirect conflict with function unit goals.
Failures occur more often than needed.

Sustainability is absolutely critical to long-term PMO and therefore organization success. PMOs fail when they:

Bloat by implementing their own “good ideas”.
Are Directive rather than Advisory.
Overreach Authority.
Hire anyone who does not Directly Manage Projects.

First, What Doesn’t Work & Why.

PMO as Governance Enforcer, a distraction from executive direction to business units.
PMO as Reporting Mechanism.

Now, What Can Work & How! Best Practices.

PMO as expert, friendly advisor to executive direction to business units.
PMO – Virtual, with each process owned by project managers from all areas.
Now What? Next Steps…

Results Possible

Roadmap for aligning functional (business) and PMO goals.
Roadmap for process improvement and change management.
Specific Best Practices choices to implement, we recommend one at a time...:
Goal alignment.
Virtual tools and possibly a full virtual PMO.
Forms, Process, Document, and Facilitation.
People reclassification recommendations.
Org chart and reorganization recommendations.

Methodology Choices

Onsite PMO experts to take control of your PMO (Fastest, most Political).
Onsite PMO experts to mentor your management implementing best practices.
Onsite review, then periodic visits to jumpstart and mentor one at a time changes.
Onsite review then remote participation to jumpstart and mentor one at a time changes.

Want Help Implementing This Improvement? Call the A&I™ PMOgre™ Team and let us quickly set up and implement the PMO Roadmap that is right for you.

Let us execute on your goals using our A&I™ PMOgre™ methodology. Contact us for help or just to talk over your situation. We are in-process with one client on a PMO best practices project and have completed many and many types of PMO best practice implementations, some with focus on:

Project Management, PMO, Project Processes, Project Improvement Areas.
Business Analysis, BA COE (Center of Excellence), BA Processes.
Agile Project Management, Business Analysis, & Software Development Processes.
Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, & Improvement Areas.
SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle), Application Development Processes.

Journyx sponsors webinars: "Project Management Office: What Works and What Doesn't - Virtual is Best. PMO Business Models." We have several in their list.

Two of our clients and a couple of other interested organizations asked us to deliver customized versions on-site and to help them work through their PMO issues. Contact us to set one up for your organization.

We would be happy to talk these topics over with you anytime!

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;" Proverbs 24-3 NIV.

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