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Data Analysis Foundation For Business Transformation

This Data Analysis Foundation For Business Transformation course prepares you, in a 2-Day 14 PDU/CDU/CEU setting, to choose tools and approaches to working with data toward better business decisions and measurements. Organizations need to make business decisions more quickly and accurately than ever before. Basing these decisions on data and best practice analysis techniques and less on gut feel or "the way we have always done things" is how today's corporate management is demanding information.

A solid foundation of data analysis for business decision making is a critical skill you should have regardless of whether your motive is to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage or simply better steward your resources to serve customers. In this course, you will learn to use data analytics to create actionable recommendations, as well as identify and manage opportunities where data-based decisions can be used to change the way you do business.

This course is packed full of instructional discussion and materials complemented by carefully chosen videos, examination of industry materials, proven best practices, and exercises in which the participants will gain insight into the practical application of the material. Be prepared to discuss and analyze some of your own challenges with identifying and quantifying the risks associated with decision making and forecasting future results.

Authored and Delivered by Data Analysis & Results experienced senior instructors and consultants.

Training Duration
& Format
Training ContentTraining Delivery
& Locations
2 Days Flexible
Delivery Options
Onsite or Virtual Remote Instructor
Our materials can be tailored, customized to your tools, or off-the-shelf
Austin, San Antonio,
your sites, or Virtual Remote

(#-days vary)

Our materials with your staff and scenario(s) crafted into productive sessions to plan and detail out specific Data Analysis deliverables for your project(s). We use one of your projects for all Learners or each table team may bring their own. Your team will build a useful Data Analysis plan in the workshop.
DA&R consulting days to review your current processes, recommend process improvements, and collaborate on course tailoring to meet your goals.
Follow-up group coaching calls to ensure momentum, adoption, and reinforcement.
Austin, San Antonio,
or your sites world-wide

All DA&R courses and services can be delivered onsite or Virtual Remote in any time zone for world-wide Learner consistency.

Contact Us to discuss tailoring this course and any services to meet your needs.

Public, Virtual, blended learning, or at your site. Customizable to your needs. May include multiple on-site and virtual live instructors to maximize Learner experience and points of view. To register: or +1-512-850-4402. Course Schedule:

Course Overview

DA&R's most popular course addresses the data analysis competencies and skills essential to government, non-profit, and commercial data analysis to drive decisions. Lectures are complemented by carefully chosen videos, examination of industry materials, proven best practices, and exercises in which the learners will gain insight into the practical application of the material. You will discuss and analyze some of “data culture” and data maturity aspects of your organization. You will learn how to identify and quantify the risks associated with decision making and forecasting future results. The course and instructor interaction provide insight into the future of analytics and the changing roles of those performing roles such as business analyst, operations analyst, project manager, department or division manager, and IT functions. You will understand steps needed to implement a data analysis plan for your organization and begin your plan during class. This course provides many of the common data analysis tools used to gather, analyze and adapt your data to feed business decisions. You do not need heavy Excel or data analysis experience.

This course includes exposure to several cloud data environments and tools as well as introductory exercises on Excel add-ins, standard deviation, random sampling, and an introduction to pivot tables and charts. These exercises will show you how to effectively demonstrate basic data analysis functions and reporting in Excel or Google Spreadsheets. We will simplify math jargon and complex symbols and equations to concentrate on what your data can tell you and your organization. In addition, you will learn how to present to those executives, managers and subject matter experts who need to quickly make decisions that drive your organization.

Suitable for a wide range of professionals, para-professionals, and recent graduates.

Course Length2 days

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Valuable For The Following Professionals  

Skill Areas: Leadership, Project Management, Program Management, Process Improvement, Methods, Agile, Business Analysis

This program is designed for experienced professionals eager to obtain the desirable PMP, or for those less experienced, the CAPM Project Management Certification. It also provides a firm grounding in the traditional project management methods spelled out in the PMBOK.

  • Those desiring or who want to know about PMP or CAPM Certification
  • Prospective or current Project or Change Team Members
  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Managers and Transformation Leaders
  • Managers of Project/Program Managers, PMO Managers
  • Program Managers, Project Managers, Process Managers
  • Project Leads, Project Coordinators, Portfolio Managers
  • Agile Managers, Development Managers, & Tech Leads
  • Business Analysts, Business Systems & Systems Analysts
  • External and Internal Consultants and Staff Analysts
  • Senior Staff, Directors, Leaders at all levels

Helpful Experience
College degree, or 1+ years of professional experience in projects, software, or product development in commercial, government, or nonprofit organizations.

Why Data Analysis & Results (DA&R)?

We share in your success! Your Challenges Are Our Passion! Our consulting and courses are consistently rated excellent, as are our very experienced Consultant Instructors, who average 20+ years in project management, operations, and other key leadership roles. For organizations, we can support your projects and change efforts via ConsultingSpeakingTrainingand Staffing. For individuals, we provide advice and limited job placement help if you are seeking employment. Here are our Testimonials, Clients, and Course Calendar for our popular professional development education training courses.


Fast Improvement for Operations, Project Management, and Business Analysis
via Consulting, Process Improvement, Staffing, Speaking, & Training

Professional Education Focus Areas - Learning Outcomes
We take time for each attendee to discuss their own data analysis questions and challenges and how they impact the day-to-day operations in their organization. We will discuss how other businesses, non-profits and agencies get value from data analysis and the tools they use to gather data. These tools include project management, risk management, document management, business analysis, data modeling, data reporting and more.

The course will provide insight into the future of analytics and the changing roles of those performing roles such as Business Analyst, Operations Analyst, Project Manager, Department or Division Manager, and IT functions. You will understand steps needed to implement a data analysis plan for your organization and begin your plan during class. You get a comprehensive electronic Workbook with all presented material and lots of explanatory notes.

The participants will know how to
  • Learn the essential techniques and methodologies used to gather and assess data
  • Learn how to make recommendations based on sound data analysis and analytics principles
  • Learn how to identify your real problems based on established qualitative and quantitative models and to enhance the accuracy in communicating Root Causes of performance deviations
  • Identify, quantify, and reduce uncertainty or Risk in making your decisions and forecasting future events
  • Provide the foundation to find and document data requirements of your organization
  • Support key management decisions by identifying significant trends and correlation between business results and controllable vs. uncontrollable variables
  • Be better prepared to communicate reasons to use data analysis techniques, with strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to establish business process metrics and use them to track and report performance
  • Present your draft plan for adoption of Best Practice Data Maturity, Responsibility, and high ROI Analysis processes and techniques
  • How to recognize value from the most common data analysis processes, tools, and techniques
  • Perform various exercises to reinforce key learning concepts


15 Benefits of Attending This Training Course
  1. Learn the terms, jargon, and impact of business intelligence and data analytics
  2. Gain knowledge of the scope and application of data analysis
  3. Understand the impact of analytics on gaining competitive advantage and decision support
  4. Explore ways to measure the performance of and improvement opportunities for business processes
  5. Review the basic principles, properties, and application of Probability Theory
  6. Discuss data distribution including Central Tendency, Variance, Normal Distribution, and non-normal distributions described in appendices
  7. Introduction to different methods for summarizing information & presenting results including charts & persuasive text
  8. Learn about Statistical Inference and drawing conclusions about a Data Population
  9. Learn about Sample Sizes and Confidence Intervals and Limits, and how they influence the accuracy of your analysis
  10. Learn about Forecasting, including introduction to simple Linear Regression analysis
  11. Gain knowledge to interpret and accurately report your results and draw sound and relevant conclusions
  12. Explore different methods and easy algorithms for forecasting future results and to reduce current and future risk
  13. Be awarded PMI® Approved PDU®s, IIBA® Approved CDU®s, or other continued education credits
  14. Refresh your Process Improvement and analysis skills
  15. Know where powerful reference material and tools exist and how to leverage to enhance your decision making

Certification Formal Education Hours 
& Continuing Education Credit

  • Qualifies for 14 PDU®s for Project Management Institute® PMI® Project Management Professional® PMP® and Agile Certified Practitioner® PMI-ACP® and other accreditations
  • Qualifies for 14 SEU®s for Scrum Alliance® CSP® Certified Scrum® and other accreditations
  • Qualifies for 14 CDU®s for International Institute of Business Analysis® IIBA® Certified Business Analysis Professional® CBAP® and CCBA® and other accreditations
  • Course written and delivered by DA&R Senior Consultants and Trainers so you can be assured of highest quality

Course Agenda

Course Opening: Set Expectations, Introductions

Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: Introduction to Data Analysis and Analytics

Module 3: Rethinking the of Value and Usage of Data

Module 4: Introduction to Data Mining and Data Warehousing

Module 5: Data Distribution and Variance

Module 6: Describing Information Needs

Module 7: Data Exploration Concepts and Methods

Module 8: Forecasting

Course Close: Review, Next Steps, Study Plan, Continued Support, and Additional Resources and Exercises

The Fine Print

Our consultants don’t just communicate information. They include best practices to encourage Learners to assess your situations, use data analysis and other best practices, collaborate, take the right actions, and help you make fast, appropriate decisions to drive real results.

Here’s just a bit of what our alumni have to say from our Testimonials

“Instead of giving instruction and sending us on our way, you helped us with starting a realistic approach that we can take back to the office and use immediately.”
 - Sr. Project Manager, with over $275m of construction and software projects, large State of Texas government agency

“We realized the first day that we were our own worst enemy. Come ready to change and you will benefit greatly from this business analysis training. We will bring Darrel and his team in-house prior to our next big project.” - Sr. Director, leading Non-Profit Software Vendor

All courses may include multiple on-site and virtual live instructors to maximize Learner experience and points of view.

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