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Contracting for Virtual Assistant / Executive Assistant

Published October 28th, 2016 by Devteam

Contracting for Virtual Assistant / Executive Assistant

Seeking friendly, competent assistants. Varied work! Data Analysis & Results, Inc. seeks capable, eager, virtual (most work off-site) contract professional personal assistants. Start part-time at $11/hour, with room to grow.


DA&R has several related businesses: Consulting, Training, Staffing, and Accounting/Bookkeeping. Your job is to save us time and help the firm with administrative, one-off tasks, and marketing, which means a lot of varied work, personal and professional. See our web A partial list of duties includes:

  • Handle e-mail, phone, and other communication
  • Data entry of all types in many different programs, mostly online
  • Make appointments, schedules, travel arrangements, reservations
  • Maintain contact lists in several Cloud tools
  • Create and maintain marketing communication
  • Help with research, selling items, and purchasing
  • Plan meetings, parties, and events
  • Writing, proofreading, and copyediting
  • Updating web pages(easy interface) with new information (not web design or programming)
  • Manage customer, prospect, staff, and vendor relations
  • Learn and use Cloud-based tools like Google Drive, Email, Skype, Asana, and more

Skills Desired:

  • Great communication skills including impressive telephone etiquette
  • Capable computer, organizing, and planning skills
  • Willingness to document all your procedures
  • High desire to learn new things and maintain confidentiality
  • Willingness to be contracted out to our clients


You should have a computer and high-bandwidth Internet (such as cable or AT&T); a cell phone or other portable device with text, email, and voicemail. Pay is contract hourly rate. Help DA&R make money and there is the potential for bonuses. We offer flexible scheduling, and we prefer someone who would like to spread out their working time, yet be reasonably available for at least half a day three days a week.

Please do not contact us with marketing suggestions or to sell us anything. Do contact us if you or someone you highly trust who would enjoy doing this key work for us.

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