Security Policy

DA&R strives to keep our data and your data safe at all times. All DA&R Team members have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements. You can rest assured that we never share confidential or proprietary information. All DA&R computers are password protected and up to date on virus, productivity, operating system, mal-ware, and spy-ware software. All incoming and outgoing email is virus scanned. Our network is router and firewall based and WEP-enabled with unique logons and passwords. The DA&R facility has a monitored security system and a guard dog. The main DA&R laptops and PCs are backed up at least weekly and all important data has been tested restorable on back up PCs. Offsite backups are encrypted and rotated out at least quarterly. DA&R laptops use physical locks and operating system locks whenever they are left unattended. Internet backups are performed and stored with passwords on a secure site at least monthly. DA&R Team are instructed never to respond to phone or email inquiries for protected information; they must recognize the caller or initiate the call.