Knocking the Stupid out of Career Enhancement for Professionals

Career enhancement: There are many things you can do to maintain and grow your career trajectory... Important topics include learning and more important, applying what you learn to do more for your employer or nonprofit organization you volunteer for.

Today at the IIBA Austin monthly meeting, where Adriana Beal ( Beal)
shared "So good they can't ignore you: the recipe for finding bliss in your business analysis career" the presentation will be posted on shortly.

Along with Adriana's excellent thoughts on career progression, I add the following:

As you research and add best practices, tools, and experience to your professional expertise, take a minute and document as you go. Update your LinkedIn profile, resume, or yearly performance documentation to ensure you have ready answers and can present a brief summary of the area including benefits of adoption to others.
As you see in-house or external jobs you may want to apply for, grab relevant keywords and make sure your materials contain them and synonyms.

Use Google Keyword Tool ( to make sure you have covered your all relevant terms.
As a leader, think about documenting your current practices this way as well. Many others in your organization or even outside your organization may benefit.

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