Knocking the Stupid out of Assessments - Process & People: Why, Results, & Methods

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Why Think About or Perform an Assessment?

There are two main reasons:

To raise performance of your people or their processes.
To increase engagement or employee satisfaction (which will raise performance...)

Some of the most useful tools to hone in on skill and process strengths and weaknesses are Assessments. Surveys, Interviews, Tests, and combinations of these, along with expert judgment, will show where you should put your improvement effort. Let's go over some of the main points for professional and immediately useful assessments.
These and other symptoms or problems may need to be addressed...

You want to re-purpose people.
You want to increase performance.
People have many different ways of accomplishing goals.
Performance range is wider than acceptable.
New folks take a long time to come up to speed and some never make it...
People cannot easily cover other peoples' tasks.
Failures occur more often than needed.

Results Possible

Roadmap for training and experiential assignments.
Roadmap for process improvement and change management.
Department, group, team, or individual assessments:
Training needed
Outsource or build vs buy recommendations.
Experiential assignments needed.
People reclassification recommendations.
Org chart and reorganization recommendations.

Methodology Choices

Online survey asking opinions and/or test questions.
Online survey asking opinions of others (like 360 reviews).
Expert individual or team interview on skills and processes. (These may be part of change management or just for assessment purposes...)
Process and/or project reviews.

Want Help Implementing This Improvement?

Contact us for help or just to talk over your situation. We are in-process with one client on a major assessment and have completed many and many types of assessments including and not limited to:

Project Management, PMO, Project Processes, Project Improvement Areas
Business Analysis, BA COE (Center of Excellence), BA Processes
Agile Project Management, Business Analysis, & Software Development Processes
Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, & Improvement Areas
SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle), Application Development Processes

We would be happy to talk any related topics over with you anytime!

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